CSFS-Engaged Classes

CSFS-Engaged Classes

Syllabi of classes engaging with the CSFS

The Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at the UBC Farm is an important place of learning and practice for many classes.

Read a review of syllabi from courses that engage with the CSFS here: TLEF Report: Course Syllabus Review

List of class syllabi that engage with CSFS and UBC Farm:

Course Code Course Name Faculty Instructor Semester Undergrad/ Graduate
ITAL 101 First-Year Italian 1 Arts Anneliese Schultz Summer 2015 Undergrad
GEOG 419 Research in Environmental Geography Arts David Brownstein Spring 2016 Undergrad
EDUC 210 Introduction to Global Citizenship, Part 1 Education Reginald D’Si Fall 2015 Undergrad
APSC 486 New Venture Design Applied Science Philippe Kruchten and Antony Hodgson Fall/Spring 2014/15 Undergrad
CONS 370 Aboriginal Forestry Forestry Andrea Lyall Spring 2016 Undergrad
FRST 506 Advances in Forest Disease Management Forestry Richard Hamelin Spring 2014 Graduate
FRST 305 Silviculture Forestry Steve Mitchell and Bruce Larson Fall 2015 Undergrad
APBI 265 Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Land and Food Systems David Brownstein Spring 2016 Undergrad
APBI 318 Applied Plant Breeding Land and Food Systems Andrew Riseman Fall 2014 Undergrand
APBI 403 Soil Sampling, Analyses and Data Interpretation Land and Food Systems Maja Kržić, Sandra Brown and Sue Grayston Fall 2015 Undergrad
APBI 322 Horticultural Techniques Land and Food Systems David McArthur Spring 2015 Undergrad
APBI 200 Introduction to Soil Science Land and Food Systems Maja Kržić and Sandra Brown Spring 2016 Undergrad
APBI 402 / 502 Sustainable Soil Management Land and Food Systems Maja Kržić and Sandra Brown Spring 2016 Undergrad/ Graduate
LFS 100 Introduction to Land, Food, and Community Land and Food Systems Rickey Yada and Sandra Brown Fall 2015 Undergrad
LFS 250 Land, Food and Community I Land and Food Systems Hannah Wittman and Will Valley Fall/Spring 2013/14 Undergrad
LFS 450 Land, Food and Community III Land and Food Systems Andrew Riseman Spring 2015 Undergrad
LAW 305 Law, Society and State Law Margot Young Spring 2015 Graduate
MIDW 102 Birth and it’s Meaning Medicine Jeanne Lyons Fall 2015 Graduate
COMM 386E Social Entreprenurship Sauder School of Business Tamar Milne Spring 2016 Undergrad
ENVR 200 Introduction to Environmental Science Science Sara Harris and Tara Ivanochko (2015), Sara Harris and Tara Holland (2016) Fall 2015, Spring 2016 Undergrad
ENVR 222 Environmental Controversy Science Vance Williams and David Zandvliet Spring 2016 Undergrad
N/A Essentials of Nutrition Vancouver Summer Program (VSP) Gail Hammond Summer 2015 Undergrad
N/A Environment, Resources, and Sustainable Development, Geography Vancouver Summer Program (VSP) Julian Yates Summer 2015 Undergrad