UBC Farm Venue – Events Field and Orchard

Events Field and Orchard: UBC Farm’s most iconic event space

Situated directly at the entrance and centre of the farm, the events field and orchard is a natural welcome for your guests. Some of our most joyful memories have been created here. Square dancing into the sunset, roaring laughter in beer gardens, hilarious lawn games and three-legged races come to mind as some of our most common sights. Smaller, more intimate occasions have often been hosted near and among the apple orchards. It is a gorgeous site for wedding ceremonies, music festivals, food festivals, receptions and picnics. Being our most accommodating space, it is perfect for pitching large tents and temporary structures given the firm and even ground here.

Site specifications:

  • The grass field measures 60 meters by 55 meters excluding the orchard.
  • The orchard itself includes 5 rows of apples (representing 70 varieties of apples).
  • We do not irrigate the grass in the summer, expect green grass to return in September and stay until May. (We have found that this keeps the ground firmer and better suited for dancing.)

Unique site protocol:

  • The orchard is a research and production site. Do not pick from or disturb the apple trees in anyway (including fallen apples).
  • Given the proximity of the events field to the nearby residences, all sound amplifying equipment must be turned off at 10pm.

Site rates:

  • May – Oct High Season – $800 (4 hours minimum) | $1500 (8 hours) | $150 (additional hours)
  • Nov – Apr Low Season – $600 (4 hours minimum) | $1100 (8 hours) | $125 (additional hours)