UBC Farm Venue – Poplar Grove

The Poplar Grove is one of our most beloved venues for more intimate events

Tucked away in at the back of our fields, our three rows of poplar trees create a magical atmosphere for the farm. With a full view of our production fields, chickens and beautiful practicum garden, the Poplar Grove offers full access into the farm’s most photogenic scenery. We love to see long tables dinners and wedding ceremonies inside the grove and the creative activities and catering displays that often take up the lawn adjacent to the trees. You are welcome to hang decorations in between our trees and tent along the lawn.

Site specifications:

  • The lawn space adjacent to the poplar grove (included in the venue) measures 100 meters by 50 meters.
  • We do not irrigate the grass in the summer, expect green grass to return in September and stay until May. (We have found that this keeps the ground firmer and better suited for dancing.)

Unique site protocol:

  • Keep a 3 feet of clearance from the Practicum gardens and the production fields for all activity including set up.
  • Exercise caution around the electric fences of the chicken pen.
  • Do not harm the poplar trees when hanging decorations from them.

Site rates:

  • May – Oct High Season – $800 (4 hours minimum) | $1500 (8 hours) | $150 (additional hours)
  • Nov – Apr Low Season – $600 (4 hours minimum) | $1100 (8 hours) | $125 (additional hours)