Centre for Sustainable Food Systems Research

The Centre for Sustainable Food Systems (CSFS) is an interdisciplinary and inclusive hub for solutions to local and global food systems sustainability.

CSFS is a living lab, providing researchers with a research platform where social, economic, and environmental interventions can be designed, tested, and monitored within a living food system. Research opportunities span the whole seed to plate continuum while integrating many disciplines and sectors to provide global leadership for change leading to resilient and secure future food systems.


Researcher Profiles

This work matters to me because it orients towards increasing the sustainability of our food systems by decreasing ecological impacts, increasing equity and maintaining economic viability in food systems. Working with teachers, administrators, and staff in the K-12 education system will help more students engage with food at school, potentially minimizing the disconnect that we have within the food system currently and bringing food back to the centre of our lives.

Will Valley, Instructor and Academic Director of the Land, Food and Community Series

People should know the UBC Farm is a research intensive place. It’s a multifunctional space; they’re not only getting food and products out of the Farm but they’re also contributing to community knowledge about what is happening there from a research standpoint.

Hughie Jones, PhD Student

I see agriculture and the food system as one of the ways that people have a large influence on the environment. I hope that my work has an impact on the environment in a positive way and it helps build towards a more sustainable farming system, contributing to human health.

Dr. Alexandra Lyon, Postdoctoral Researcher

The UBC Farm has the potential to connect researchers on campus, especially those who are interested in food systems, food production and the environment. It seems like it has the potential to be a real important hub of change. This project that we're doing to improve nutrients on organic farms looks promising. It’s really an opportunity to get a bunch of farmers and scientists together at the UBC Farm and start building connections.

Dr. Sean Smukler, Assistant Professor, Applied Biology & Soil Science Junior Chair, Agriculture and the Environment

I study food security and sustainability on a global scale… More specifically, my research works with global data sets… [I analyze] data to examine how agriculture is changing in different parts of the world and how different farming characteristics or management systems influence environmental outcomes.

Navin Ramankutty, CSFS Associate Member

Agriculture is one of the most important activities on earth in terms of its impact on natural ecosystems, and nutrient management is a huge leverage point to improve the sustainability of our society.

Gabriel Maltais-Landry, Postdoctoral Researcher

One of my primary motivations for visiting the CSFS was that I wanted to be around people who understand these community-based food systems better than I did and who could help me understand how to assess the impact of community gardens

Craig Borowiak, Visiting Researcher

The UBC Farm isn’t only a physical space. It also represents a larger network of researchers and outreach activities going on – both activities happening on the ground at the Farm but also those related to sustainable food systems happening beyond the Farm itself.

Lisa Powell, Postdoctoral Researcher

CSFS Research Programs, Projects, and Areas of Investigation

Each tile below represents a research program, project, or area of investigation at CSFS.


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