CSA Program

Introduction: The UBC Farm CSA program provides members of the UBC campus & broader community with a weekly box of fresh, healthy, local, organic produce grown at the UBC Farm.

Start Date & Duration: The 2018 season starts on Saturday, June 9 and Tuesday, June 12. The program runs for 20 weeks.

Pick-up Days/Times: Shares are picked up at the UBC Farm on Tuesdays 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm or Saturdays 11:00 am to 1:30 pm. During registration members commit to one pick-up day for the entire season.

Cost: Membership in our CSA is $600.

Add-ons: Members can purchase add-ons for an additional charge. We offer a biweekly egg add-on for $80, and a flower CSA for $200+tax (learn more about our Flower CSA). Other favourite add-ons include berry flats, storage crops & additional produce.

Waitlist: The 2018 CSA season is currently full. Interested in becoming a CSA member for the 2019 season? Please submit your contact information to our waitlist. We will be in touch in January when the 2019 CSA Program registration season opens.


CSA is an acronym for Community Supported Agriculture. CSAs connect farmers & consumers in a partnership creating an alternative, locally-based economic model of agriculture & food distribution. In such a partnership CSA members buy a share in the farm at the beginning of the season & then receive a weekly box of produce throughout the growing season. CSAs help farmers by providing income early in the season when startup costs are high, & by guaranteeing a market for the farmer’s produce. In return, members receive a regular supply of fresh, nutritious produce grown in an ecologically sustainable way.

Access USDA’s database of publications related to Community Supported Agriculture, including surveys & statistics on the economic benefits of such programs.

How long is the CSA season?

The 2018 program starts on Saturday, June 9 & Tuesday, June 12. The program runs for 20 weeks & ends on Saturday, October 20 & Tuesday, October 23. However, the start & end dates may vary by one or two weeks due to seasonal variations. Regardless of the start date, the program will run for 20 weeks.

How much does it cost & how do I pay?

Membership in the CSA is $600. This equates to a $30.00 value per week over a 20 week season. Biweekly eggs ($80) and a Flowers CSA ($200+tax) can also be purchased at the CSA registration..

Online debit or credit card payment for the CSA Program is due at the time of registration. The payment is 80% refundable through April 30, 2018 & non-refundable thereafter.

When & how do I pick up my share?

Members can pick up their CSA shares at the UBC Farm on Tuesdays (4:00 pm to 6:30 pm) or on Saturdays (11:00 am to 1:30 pm). During registration members commit to one pick-up day for the entire season.

At each pick-up members build their own box with the produce set out on tables based on the weekly share list. Members need to bring their own bags/baskets/containers to bring their produce home.

What if I cannot pick up my share?

We encourage members to pick up their share during the allotted pick-up window. If you have a scheduling conflict & cannot pick up your share during the given timeframe, we suggest members send a friend or family member in their place. Nevertheless, members are allowed one alternate pickup, provided you email with 24 hours advance notice.

In such a case Tuesday shares can be picked up during the following Saturday pickup, and Saturday shares can be picked up during the following Tuesday pickup. Unclaimed shares without notice will be redistributed and/or or donated.

What’s in a weekly share?

The variety of the box will change week to week as we progress through the season. Each week consists of 5 to 8 items, enough for two people who eat a lot of vegetables. You can expect to receive more items in the late summer when more varieties are available. Please keep in mind we only grow three types of fruits (strawberries, blueberries and apples), all of which have brief harvest windows. The program will introduce you to lesser known veggies, as well as familiar favorites.

The program is perfect for folks who enjoy variety in their diet, and who want to put a place and face to their food. The share also consists of a weekly email newsletter with field updates, announcements, & recipes.

Check out our seasonal availability guide for more information:

All Season Items Spring Specialties Summer Specialties Fall Specialties
Eggs Garlic Scapes Annual Herbs Apples
Arugula Snap Peas Beans Daikon Radishes
Beets Snow Peas Beets Fennel Bulb
Carrots Spinach Blueberries Leeks
Collards Strawberries Carrots Potatoes
Kale Cucumbers Pumpkins
Lettuce Heads Fresh Garlic Spinach
Mizuna Fresh Onions Storage Garlic
Mustard Greens New Potatoes Turnips
Perennial Herbs Peppers Winter Squash
Radishes Tomatoes
Salad Mix Zucchini
Swiss Chard Flower bouquets

What if I don't like everything?

We encourage you to enjoy all the produce in your weekly box, even if it is not your favorite. Some things do take time to love. You may find yourself learning to love what you previously thought unlovable. Each week we will include a recipe for the week’s produce in case you’re unsure of how to cook it. Additionally, we do have a swap box available to trade out one of your not-so-favorite items for something you might prefer instead.

Can I purchase add-ons?

There are three ways to purchase add-ons. 1) Members can prepay for a standing order of eggs and/or flowers during CSA registration. 2) Members can place specific orders for seasonal specialty & bulk items communicated through the CSA newsletter. 3) Members can simply purchase add-ons at the Tuesday or Saturday markets while picking up the CSA share. All non prepaid add-on items need to be paid for at the time of pick-up. We accept cash, debit or credit cards for add-on payments.

While add-ons are subject to availability, they are always filled on a first come first serve basis. Assuming availability, members are still charged for pre-ordered add-ons even when they do not pick up their shares. Similar to your share, if your pre-ordered add-ons are not picked up they will be redistributed to avoid waste.

Are there different share sizes?

We currently do not offer different share sizes. We recommend finding a friend to split a share if you are not interested in a full share. We also limit shares to one per household in order to provide more household access to UBC Farm produce. Members wanting additional produce can always purchase add-ons at the Tuesday & Saturday markets.

Is the UBC Farm Certified Organic?

Yes! Read more about what organic means at the UBC Farm.

What is unique about UBC Farm’s CSA program?

The CSA program is an agricultural marketing & distribution initiative that is part of the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems within the UBC Faculty of Land & Food Systems. While we strive to provide professional quality services to our CSA members, the ultimate goal of the program is educational. The CSA program provides experiential learning opportunities for both students & volunteers, & all financial proceeds go towards the operation of the farm. More than 2,500 students each year directly benefit from this unique learning environment.

What are the benefits of being a CSA member?

  • Fresh, healthy, local, organic produce.
  • Overall box savings compared to the retail cost at our markets.
  • Knowing the detailed face of your food: where it is grown, how it is grown, who is growing it.
  • Experiencing the joys of eating with the seasons.
  • Eating more sustainably by eating organic produce, by eating in season, & by reducing your food miles.
  • Priority with limited items such as eggs & seasonal specialty items
  • CSA potlucks & volunteer opportunities.
  • Increasing your food literacy by receiving unique produce items that you may find unfamiliar.
  • A weekly email containing field updates & recipes for both staple & unique items.
  • Involvement in an organization at the leading edge of food security & sustainability.

What are my responsibilities as a CSA member?

  • Arrive within the pickup window to collect your box.
  • Bring your own bags or box to collect your share.
  • Communicate via email with the CSA coordinator.
  • Notify the CSA coordinator if you will be away for a pickup.

What are the Farm’s responsbilites to our members?

  • Provide high quality fresh, local & organic produce.
  • Educate members about new produce, food systems topics, & events/programs at the Farm.
  • Host community events for CSA members throughout the season.
  • Respond via email to questions about the program & about the Farm.
  • Curate a weekly newsletter for members containing field updates & recipes.

January 2018 Registration opens
Saturday, May 26, 2018 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, Saturday pick-up orientation potluck
Tuesday, May 29, 2018 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, Tuesday pick-up orientation potluck
Saturday, June 9, 2018 11:00 am to 1:30 pm, first Saturday pick-up (subject to change)
Tuesday, June 12, 2018 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm, first Tuesday pick-up (subject to change)
Saturday early to mid-August (TBD) 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, CSA Potato Harvest & Potluck Party
Tuesday, October 23, 2018 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm, CSA end-of-season potluck celebration (subject to change)
Saturday, October 20, 20178 11:00 am to 1:30 pm, last Saturday pick-up (subject to change)
Tuesday, October 23, 2018 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm, last Tuesday pick-up (subject to change)