CSA Flowers

Introduction: We are thrilled to be offering a full flower CSA for the 2018 season! A share in our flower season signs you up for a weekly bouquet from our fields: wrapped, stamped, and ready for you to take home or gift. We are excited to make these bouquets unique each week, drawing on the 40+ varieties we grow. As with our produce CSA, the flower CSA allows you to enjoy diverse blooms over the course of the season and learn about varieties that thrive in our climate, but are otherwise hard to find as they don’t withstand the long-distance travel required by the conventional industry. Joining our flower CSA supports us in striving to grow flowers with as much integrity as we do food. Please follow this link to learn more about how and why we grow flowers. 

Start Date & Duration: The 2018 season will begin mid July and run until early September (exact start date will be confirmed as the season approaches). The program runs for 10 weeks.

Pick-up Days/Times: Shares are picked up at the UBC Farm on Tuesdays 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm or Saturdays 11:00 am to 1:30 pm. During registration members commit to one pick-up day for the entire season.

Cost: $200 plus tax.

Waitlist: The 2018 flower CSA is currently full. Interested in becoming a flower CSA member for the 2019 season? Please submit your contact information to our waitlist. We will be in touch in January when the 2019 Flower CSA Program registration season opens. Please note: if you are a 2018 Produce CSA member you do not need to sign up for the wait list. You will be able to sign up for a Flower CSA when you register for the 2018 CSA program.


CSA is an acronym for Community Supported Agriculture. CSAs connect farmers & consumers in a partnership creating an alternative, locally-based economic model of agriculture & food distribution. In such a partnership CSA members buy a share in the farm at the beginning of the season & then receive a weekly share of produce, flowers, meat or other items throughout the growing season. CSAs help farmers by providing income early in the season when startup costs are high, & by guaranteeing a market for the farmer’s produce. In return, members receive a regular supply of fresh, local items grown in an ecologically sustainable way.

Access USDA’s database of publications related to Community Supported Agriculture, including surveys & statistics on the economic benefits of such programs.

How long is the flower CSA season?

The 2018 program will begin early-July. The program runs for 10 weeks, and will end mid-September. Due to the seasonal variation of growing flowers, the start date will be announced in the springtime. Regardless the program will run for 10 weeks.

How much does it cost & how do I pay?

Membership in the Flower CSA is $200. This equates to a $20 value per week over a 10 week season.

Online debit or credit card payment for the CSA Program is due at the time of registration. The payment is 80% refundable through April 30, 2018 & non-refundable thereafter.

When & how do I pick up my share?

Members can pick up their CSA shares at the UBC Farm on Tuesdays 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm or on Saturdays 11:00 am to 1:30 pm. During registration members commit to one pick-up day throughout the entire season. At each pickup bouquets will be wrapped, stamped and ready to go before members arrive.

What if I cannot pick up my share?

We encourage members to pick up their share during the allotted pick-up window. If you have a scheduling conflict & cannot pick up your share during the given time frame, we suggest members send a friend or family member in their place. Nevertheless, members are allowed one alternate pickup, provided you email with 24 hours advance notice.

In such a case Tuesday shares can be picked up during the following Saturday pickup, and Saturday shares can be picked up during the following Tuesday pickup. Unclaimed shares without notice will be redistributed and/or or donated.

What is in a weekly share?

We will provide members with an eye-catching, beautiful bouquet each week. Near the beginning of the season, when fewer flowers are growing, bouquets may consist of one or two varieties (e.g. sweet peas). Later on bouquets will contain many varieties and focal blooms. Our CSA bouquets will be bigger and more varied than our market bouquets.

What if I don't like everything?

We encourage you to enjoy the beauty of all the blooms you take home each week. We will provide information on why we grow each variety, what the ecological benefits are, and how the flowers complement our commitment to organic growing practices. There will be some varieties you haven't seen before and many that you know.

Are there different share sizes?

We currently do not offer different share sizes. We recommend finding a friend to split a share if you are not interested in a full share. We also limit shares to one per household.

Are the UBC Farm flowers Certified Organic? 

Yes! Read more about what organic means at the UBC Farm.

What is unique about UBC Farm’s Flower CSA program?

The CSA program is an agricultural marketing & distribution initiative that is part of the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems within the UBC Faculty of Land & Food Systems. Our flower field is home to over 40 varieties of annual and perennial cut flowers, allowing us to provide clients with a wide range of colours, shapes, and textures over the course of the season. Our flowers are grown with the same care as our field crops to promote the health of the soil, our environment, our farmers, and to benefit all creatures big and small who enjoy our flowers. Many of the varieties we grow are rarely found in stores.

What are the benefit of being a CSA member?

  • Fresh, local, organic flowers.
  • Overall bouquet savings compared to the retail cost at our markets.
  • Knowing the place and face of your flowers: where they are grown, how they are grown and who is growing them.
  • Experiencing the joys of unfamiliar, new varieties of blooms.
  • Involvement in an organization at the leading edge of food security & sustainability.

What are my responsibilities as a CSA member?

  • Arrive within the pickup window to collect your bouquet.
  • Communicate via email with the CSA coordinator.
  • Notify the CSA coordinator if you will be away for a pickup.

What are the Farm’s responsibilities to our members?

  • Provide high quality, beautiful, fresh bouquets.
  • Educate members about flower varieties and cultivation, food systems topics, & events/programs at the Farm.
  • Host community events for CSA members throughout the season.
  • Respond via email to questions about the program & about the Farm.


February 2017 Registration opens
Early-July  Program begins
Mid-September Final pickup, program ends