UBC Farm Flowers

About our flowers:

At the UBC Farm, we believe flowers should be grown as our food is grown – locally and organic, without the use of chemicals and without traveling across the globe. By purchasing flowers from the UBC Farm, you are supporting the Farm in its efforts to cultivate a space which feeds the community, educates all ages about land stewardship, and is at the vanguard of research to continue the advance of organic growing practices.

The UBC Farm offers people a source for their flowers that directly supports our small-scale community farm and are produced in a way that enhances the environment rather than degrades it. Our flowers are all grown on-site on just under ¼ of an acre, using ecologically sustainable practices; like everything we grow, they are Certified Organic. We work to improve our soils through compost, amendments and cover cropping. The diversity of our blooms provide an extended season of forage for native pollinators, as well as our honey bees. Buying UBC Farm flowers means that your flowers will have travelled the shortest distance possible from our field to your home or event.

We may be small, but our blooms are incredibly diverse! We grow over 40 varieties of annual and perennial cut flowers. Our bouquets are always seasonal, offering incredible variety from summer to fall. We focus on flower varieties that perform well in our climate and with our soil conditions. Many of the flowers we grow are harder to find in grocery stores or florist shops, as they cannot easily withstanding the long-distance travel the commercial floral industry is based on. A quick visit to the flower field will be enough to show you the incredible range of varieties and colours available throughout the season. Check out our flower packages and buy locally with us this season!

Flower CSA: We are running our first Flower CSA in 2018. Beginning in mid-July we will provide members with a large, beautifully-wrapped bouquet of varied, seasonal blooms. Sign up for the waitlist here.

Local, Sustainable and Seasonal Market Bouquets

We sell weekly bouquets at our Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday markets throughout the growing season, from July to September. Bouquets use seasonal flowers that are grown at the Farm and are available as:

  • Small bouquet, single variety: $8
  • Large bouquet, mixed bunch: $15
  • Single stems (only certain varieties like sunflowers): $2

Come by one of our markets this season for some beautiful seasonal blooms!


The UBC Farm partners with numerous florists in Vancouver to provide them with local and organic blooms.  If you are a florist interested in sourcing flowers from us during our growing season please contact us for a fresh sheet, we would love to work with you! Please get in touch by email.

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Photographs by The Nickersons

Wedding and Event Packages

In recent years, we’ve enjoyed offering flower packages for weddings. Being that we host many weddings on the Farm, it seems especially fitting for the flowers to come from a field that’s just around the corner from the wedding itself.

Our flowers are generally available from June to early October, with some shifts in availability depending on the weather. Because we are selling seasonal flowers, we can’t guarantee that particular varieties or colours will be available for the day of your event, but we will provide armfuls of fresh, beautiful blooms that fit your vision, as nature allows.

We sell flowers by the bucket to those interested in arranging themselves, as well as offer pre-arranged bridal bouquets, large decorative bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnières.

Click here for more info and updated pricing for the coming season's event flower services.

Since we’re not eating the flowers (though we do grow edible varieties too!), is it important to follow organic practices? In short, yes. Conventionally grown flowers are tied to a variety of chemicals during both the growing and the processing phases. This includes synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and floral preservatives. These chemicals are damaging to both the environment and the health of the farmers and florists working with them. Sustainable growing practices and land stewardship apply to all crops, be it something we eat, or something like flowers which beautifies a space and helps lift our spirits. In terms of supporting local agriculture, the narrative is similar to that of local food: buying local, sustainably-grown flowers encourages ecologically-responsible agriculture, supports farmers in your community, and ensures you are getting the freshest bouquets possible.

The lovely flowers embarrass me,
They make me regret I am not a bee –
– Emily Dickinson, 1864