Instructional Resources

Instructional Resources

The Centre for Sustainable Food Systems provides leadership, guidance and support for teaching and learning on topics related to sustainable food systems, where sustainability encompasses social, economic, cultural and ecological pillars. It designs and provides food system related classroom instruction, experiential, community, service-based learning, and opportunities for professional practice related to sustainable food system education. Interested in collaborating with the CSFS? Fill out a Course Collaboration form or contact a member of our Academic team.

Here is a list of CSFS, food system related instructional resources, curricular activities, and academic services.


    Profiles of instructors who have engaged with CSFS:

“As the sun broke through the clouds, students and DTES community members picked their ways through and around the gardens, talking in small groups, stopping to poke in the mud, and connecting across difference and experience. The kind of conversations, the warmth of exchange, and the release of tensions and guard was made possible by being on the land in the Farm setting. Everybody’s spirits were lifted.”

Social Justice and the Law with Margot Young

"The experience with the knowledge keeper and Farm is amazing. Students are so excited to see and physically touch and taste the natural medicines that they learn about in class. This creates a very visceral experience that brings the classroom to life."

Pharmaceutical Care in Aboriginal Health with Larry Leung and Jason Min

"The UBC Farm trip gave us the opportunity to explore the UBC campus and the wide variety of grounded research being conducted at UBC. The trip helped to develop an understanding of some of UBC’s history, in an intellectual and political-economic sense. It also helped to give a sense of what Canadians think is important in the context of food production and agricultural research, and enabled the students to engage directly with UBC farm employees and researchers."

Geography Vancouver Summer Program with Julian S. Yates