Land Donations for CSFS at UBC Farm Programs

Land Partnership Offer

This form comprises a series of guiding questions, to aid in conversations about potential collaborations when making an offer of land to the CSFS team.
  • We really appreciate your interest in collaborating with (or donating land to) Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm (Faculty of Land and Food Systems). For us to determine if this arrangement will be suitable and realistic for the capacity of our team, we invite you to fill out the following form. The more you are able to describe the conditions on your land offer, the easier it will be for us to discuss the feasibility of a partnership amongst ourselves and with you.
  • Your Contact Info

  • Details about the land

  • We operate research and educational programs. Within the educational category, our primary need is for an incubator site, whereby alumni of our Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture program (hands-on, six-month, farmer training program) could have access to land for their own small farming operations (businesses).
  • Additional Info

  • Thank you kindly for taking the time to fill out this form, and for your interest in supporting CSFS and the UBC Farm. We will be in touch after thoughtfully considering your land inquiry. You can also reach us anytime at It may take a while before we are able to respond. If you have any time restrictions on when you require an answer, please so let us know.