How students can get involved with CSFS

The Centre for Sustainable Food Systems provides many for-credit and not-for-credit opportunities for students to get their hands dirty and learn about the food system. Get information below on internships, courses, volunteering, student groups, and more. Keep up with new student opportunities by signing up for our UBC Farm e-newsletter.

For Credit

Earn credit through immersive courses, internships, and self-directed programs that allow you to both learn and apply your existing knowledge on food systems.

Courses and Programs

Directed Studies and Seminars

Food Systems Internships

Global Experiences

Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Food Systems Minor


Get Involved

Get involved with student groups like the Food Systems Network, or the UBC Farm Student Group (starting mid-May!). Volunteer with us, no experience is necessary. Get paid to gain skills through the Work Learn Program.

Food Systems Network

UBC Farm Student Group


Work With Us