Directed Studies

Directed Studies & Seminars

Directed Studies

Directed studies are 300- or 400-level credit courses (e.g. APBI 497, GRS 397, FNH 497), where you first identify a professor with whom you can design your own food-systems-related project.

Students initiate a directed study by approaching a potential supervisor – a faculty member at UBC who is working in an area you are interested in. Your supervisor needs to hold a teaching position at UBC. If the faculty member agrees to supervise your project you should next plan out the details, such as: What will the project involve? How much work will it entail? How will you be evaluated? Once the project work-plan is ready, you must submit a Directed Studies application. Contact your program advisor for more details.

Past CSFS directed study projects include: seed-saving, soil data, working with medicinal plants, and curriculum development for children’s programs.

Student Directed Seminars

Student Directed Seminars allow students to follow a topic of interest that they want to know about, that the University does not currently offer. The program provides upper-year undergraduate students (in 3rd year or later) the opportunity to design and execute their own 3-credit seminar class with a small group of peers.

Each seminar brings together a group of highly motivated students to explore and investigate a topic through learning activities including group discussions, research papers, presentations, guest lectures, applied problem-solving, and Community Service Learning.