Student Job Opportunities

Student Job Opportunities

What is a Work Learn position?

Work Learns are academic, paid positions for students. The CSFS Work Learn positions include hands-on field work, research assistants, marketing assistants, children’s programming and more. These positions are 10-20 hours a week on average, with flexible scheduling. Find open opportunities here (only listed when available).

"Apart from field work, I got to meet incredible people involved in this discipline which includes farmers, advocates, and academics. I was fortunate enough to attend the BC EcoSeed Co-op Conference which was a great opportunity for us to show and summarize our findings of our research and see for this upcoming season of what the farmers wanted for their farms and how they wanted to collaborate. Generally, the internship was a way for me to reconnect with the Farm."

Nikki Lax, Seed Trials Work Learn Student

"All of the CSFS/UBC Farm's initiatives, in some way, push people to connect with their food system. This is when people realize that we are all connected through food! There is a real community-mindedness that happens when people come to this realization and I believe we will find strength in this in our collective future."

Jaylin Melnichuk, Academic Assistant